Sunday, December 22, 2019

Trade Me Anything XIII: #4

Coming up is another trade from a long-timer, David G.

Opening Day #94 Paul Goldschmidt Red Foil
#US248 Ryan Helsley 150 Years Parallel
#84-23 Lane Thomas 1984 Topps 35th Anniversary
#US95 Nick Senzel

Robert Talbott Paisley Tie
Nice try.  I only wear ties when forced.  It stems from having to wear a tie at a near-minimum-wage job during high school.  I've done my time.

San Diego Loyal SC Temporary Tattoo and Belching Beaver Coaster
I would like to try a Belching Beaver, but their locator says that I cannot find it within 100 miles of me.

3-Pack Wine Glass Writer Markers
I stay away from wine, but the packaging shows that these have a variety of other uses.  I will have fun writing jokes on dinner plates.

Brewers Grab Bag
That Yount is one I didn't have yet, so SCORE.  There's two cards in there reporting on Brewer losses to the Dodgers in the 2018 NLCS.  Nasty, nasty.

Beurer 3-in-1 Travelmeister
Looks to be a portable power source for a phone.  Good thing, 'cause my phone's battery has a mind of its own lately.  Hoping it works.  It's German, so it should.

Ken Griffey, Jr. Photo Ball

The Superior Spider-man TPB
A little worn, but looks like it could be a good read.

The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson
This is my favorite item of the lot.  I actually read A Walk in the Woods last year and really enjoyed it.  Can't wait to get started on this one! 

 Thanks for all the cool stuff, David!

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