Sunday, December 8, 2019

2019 Card-vent Calendar: December 8

December 8, 2019:
1887 Allen & Ginter N3 Arms of All Nations Midshipman's Dirk
As any seafaring fellow could tell you, a midshipman's dirk is one of his most precious possessions.  Rule Number One: You keep your hands off a midshipman's dirk.  He usually keeps his dirk out of sight close to his person.  Some are long enough to have to be strapped to the midshipman's thigh, though the vast majority of dirks fall within the range of average length.  For maximum effectiveness, the midshipman's dirk will be oiled prior to use.  A competent midshipman will know that one only points his dirk at a target if he intends to penetrate it.  The midshipman will hold his dirk with one hand, aim, then thrust with appropriate force.  Depending on the situation, a midshipman may slide his dirk into a sheath, though this is often a matter of preference.  Beware!  Two midshipmen holding the same dirk will draw curious glances.
Finally, midshipmen, heed this advice: Shield your dirk from the elements.  Direct sunlight it not recommended for a dirk, nor is exposure to cool, wet conditions.  Before you know it, your dirk may not look as you remember it.  You have but one dirk.  Handle it with care.

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