Thursday, June 20, 2019

Seinfeld Collected

So over the past week I've dug out my old Seinfeld DVDs in an effort to watch the entire series from the beginning. That first season is a bit rough around the edges, but it establishes the foundation for what's to come. Almost all of the characters seem like "diet" versions of themselves: Kramer is odd, but never wacky, Elaine is much less of a trainwreck, and George seems to be a successful real estate agent. One little entertaining bit of mise-en-scene caught my eye, however. In the second episode (actually the fourth to be broadcast, but for some reason second on the DVD set), there's a shot in Jerry's apartment where an interesting item is visible atop his refrigerator.

To the untrained eye, it's a box that says "Baseball" on it, but any good collector will be quick to recognize that it's a box of 1990 Donruss baseball cards. Fitting, since the splotchy red border design looks like something that Elaine Benes would wear on a blouse or vest.

The box is visible in a couple more episodes in season 1, but by the time season 2 arrives, it's gone. Perhaps Jerry moved on to collecting high-end Stadium Club? One can only dream.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

$10 Scumbucket Grab Bag 4.9

2002 Fleer Tradition Jose Vidro Glossy Parallel (067/200)

2005 Prime Patches Jason Jennings Jersey/Glove/Shoe Relic (149/150)
2014 Topps Craig Kimbrel Orange Parallel (186/199)

2014 Topps Trevor Plouffe Pink Parallel (11/50)

1997 Donruss Chipper Jones Rocket Launchers (0330/5000)

2001 Pacific Peter Warrick Impact Zone

2015 Topps Update Series Brett Gardner Sabermetric Stats Variation

2002 Fleer Tradition Plays of the Week Magglio Ordonez
1976 Topps Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Blowing Champ