Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trade Me Anything XIII Has Arrived!

So the majority of the weekend's Halloween festivities have wound down.  It rained hard throughout the entire two-hour trick-or-treating period.  I stayed home passing out candy while Mrs. Thorzul walked around with the kids.  I got bonked in the head with more umbrellas than I could count, but I got to stay dry, for the most part, on my covered porch.  The middle schoolers hanging on to the last vestiges of childhood had an annoying tendency to say "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Birthday!" instead of the usual greeting.  So clever!
I also figured out that if you set up a display with spaces for heads cut out, people will take pictures no matter what.  I could put out a plain white sheet of drywall, and people would still stick their heads through the holes and pose for a photo.  It was a chilly, but fun night, and I'm glad we only have to do it once every nine years.

With that craziness out of the way, it's time to trade me absolutely anything.  If you're new to this, just do a Google search for "Thorzul Trade Me Anything."  All the old posts are still up on the defunct blog.  I've had people send me DVDs, books, toys, music, comics, you name it.  Of course, cards are the standard, but the variety is what makes this time of year special.  If you see something you like and want to join in, here are the directions.

1. Check out the list of available cards below. Select one (or a few) you want. Just remember, the more you claim, the better your trade material should be.

2. Send me an email with your choice of card(s) at or DM me on Twitter @THORZUL
Please don't leave a request comment on the blog. This just confuses people, so don't do it, it will just be deleted and will not count.

3. I will reply to you as to the card's availability. First come, first serve. I will include my mailing address.

4. When I confirm the card of your choice, pick out one or more of your own cards or anything else you want to send me. A few guidelines about what you can't send: Nothing that should really be in the garbage, nothing perishable, and nothing illegal. (Notice I didn't say nothing immoral.) I've got a want list you could check out, too!

5. Send me whatever is was you picked out. Don't tell me what it is before you send it, I'd like to have it be a surprise! Include a SASE or you won't be getting your card.

6. When I receive your item, I will take a picture of the trade materials and post the happy couple on my blog, and then I will send you the card. Here are the cards you may choose from. Cards that have officially been claimed are in BOLD.  

All-Star Stitches
Shane Bieber - Indians (Jon)

The Family Business
2 Cal Ripken, Jr. - Orioles

 Est. 1869
12 Barry Larkin - Reds

 Iconic Card Reprints
48 Frank Thomas - White Sox

 Greatest (150 Years)
11 Cody Bellinger - Dodgers (gcrl)
74 Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
85 Orlando Cepeda - Giants  

1984 Topps Anniversary
5 Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox (Shane)
12 Ted Williams - Red Sox (Shane)
19 Mariano Rivera - Yankees
23 Lane Thomas - Cardinals (David)

38 Bryce Harper - Phillies (Mint Condition)
47 Victor Robles - Nationals
 Black Parallel (x/299)
9 Eloy Jimenez - White Sox
4 Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
9 J.D. Martinez - Red Sox (Shane)
27 Giancarlo Stanton - Yankees  (Mint Condition)

Rainbow Foil Parallel
222 Martin Perez - Twins  

150 Years Stamp Parallel
65 Brad Hand - Indians
163 Miguel Castro - Orioles
236 Adam Ottavino - Yankees
248 Ryan Helsley - Cardinals (David)

Gold Parallel (x/2019)
282 Nathan Eovaldi - Red Sox (Shane)
294 Josh Fuentes - Rockies

Base Cards
20 Mike Soroka - Braves
21 Melky Cabrera - Pirates
53 Parker Markel / David McKay - Mariners
85 Robbie Grossman - A's
95 Nick Senzel - Reds (David)

126 Luis Castillo - Reds
232 Michael Brantley - Astros
279 Freddie Freeman - Braves
293 Francisco Lindor - Indians

And because this year's boxes of Update produced fewer inserts and parallels than in years past, I'm including some parallels from 2019 Opening Day.  

Blue Foil
3 Justin Verlander - Astros
67 Max Muncy - Dodgers (gcrl)
83 Kole Calhoun - Angels
95 Javier Baez - Cubs (gcrl)
105 Buster Posey - Giants
125 Franmil Reyes - Padres
137 Odubel Herrera - Phillies
200 Shin-soo Choo - Rangers (Jon)
Red Foil
5 Corey Seager - Dodgers (gcrl)
45 Kris Bryant - Cubs
94 Paul Goldschmidt - Cardinals (David)

104 Shane Bieber - Indians (Jon)
133 Jeff McNeil - Mets
184 Maikel Franco - Phillies
185 Khris Davis- A's