Sunday, September 19, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #9

Date: September 4, 2021
Time of Bid: 2:57:53 AM
Card: 1959 Topps #46 Camille Henry
Price: $1.25 (+$0.51 shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Well, this might be the first card in this series that I overpaid for.  When it's nearly 3:00 in the morning, decision-making skills aren't what you'd call "sharp."  This thing looks like it spent 30 years in the driver's-side sun visor of a Quebecois taxi cab, or jammed down the front of Dino Bravo's trunks for luck during big matches.  One or the other.
You can read about Henry here, but you probably won't.  Let me share the best part: His playing style earned him the nickname Camile "The Eel."  Not bad.
There's quite a bit of ink missing from the back of this card, but the cartoon referee accompanying the trivia question makes up for it.  The stick of dynamite is a nice touch, even though there's no real basis for its inclusion anywhere on the card.
This is now the oldest hockey card in my possession.  Calling it a collection would be too generous, more just a bunch of things that I managed to acquire over the years. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #8

Date: August 10, 2021
Time of Bid: 10:54:22 PM
Card: 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 3 #153 The fantastic droid Threepio!
Price: $0.01 (+ $0.69 shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
While this is not my first '77 Star Wars card, it's the first series 3 yellow border one I've ever owned.  Yellow cards are a weakness of mine.  Chalk it up to biology.  Did you know that the human eye seeks out yellow first when looking at an array of colors?  Maybe that's why I always rush to the defense of 1991 Fleer.  And those 1984 Topps Nestle premium cards?  Turn those into a fluffy textile pattern, cloak me in its warmth, and spank my bottom.
The penny auction price was a nice bonus.  Even in a PWE, the seller is clearing almost nothing on a sale like this.  The volume has to be staggering in order to eke out a living at that rate.  Best of luck to phillysportsstore and their business model.  They're doing God's work.  As for C-3PO, he's grown on me over the past 40 years or so.  He's constantly thrown into battle in a conflict he couldn't give two shits about, and he's ill-equipped to handle any sort of combat.  The poor guy had to spend the second half of ESB in 15 pieces in a JanSport strapped to Chewbacca's back.  Then in the next movie, Salacious Crumb nibbled his eye out of his socket, an eye that he didn't lose completely due to the robotic equivalent of the optic nerve keeping it from rolling into Jabba's liquid taint stench puddle.  Cut the android some slack.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #7

Date: August 2, 2021
Time of Bid: 1:39:26 AM
Card: 1966 Topps #238 Los Angeles Dodgers Team
Price: $1.00 (+ $0.51 shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Man, sometimes those team cards can sneak up on you.  You're building a vintage set, and you're pretty sure you've acquired all of the high-dollar star cards, and in the last dozen or so cards you need to finish it, there's a Yankees team card and a Dodgers team card.  These can sometimes go for prices that, while not ridiculous, aren't exactly the commons you've mentally budgeted for.  Those two teams, plus maybe the Cardinals and the Red Sox, always seem to command a premium.  Getting a Dodgers team card for a buck fifty is a nice deal, even though I have no plans at present to pursue the '66 set. 
Plus, that Koufax season: 26 W, 2.04 ERA, 382 SO.  Jeezum Crow!

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #6

Date: July 27, 2021
Time of Bid: 11:30:28 PM
Card: 1960 Topps #50 Al Kaline
Price: $4.75 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
An awesome card of a Hall of Famer at a reasonable price?  What's there to think about?
Actually, I think this is my first BUI where there were other bids.  Sometimes it pays to stay up late, catch everyone else sleeping.  Another nice benefit is that this spring, as I was losing weight, I had to buy a bunch of new clothes.  One of my favorites is this T-shirt with a tiger on it from Target.  Their Good Fellow brand is quality stuff.  It's not official Detroit gear, but who cares?  The graphic centering might be better on my shirt than on this Kaline, but both are OK in my book.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #5

This next BUI actually took place the same night as the Michael Jordan debacle I covered earlier.  Good thing I had a backup card in this instance.
Date: June 30, 2021
Time of Bid: 12:24:30 AM
Card: 1990 Fleer #227 Danny Darwin AUTO
Price: $0.99 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Darwin has always been one of those guys who shows up in a pile of Brewers someone sends me, either in a trade or just to get rid of them.  I can't really say I remember his short stint with Milwaukee, being that he was here just before I would have achieved sports consciousness.  A Basset hound of a man, Darwin always looked like he would sound like Trusty from Lady and the Tramp.  It was hard to find anything with Darwin's voice on it, but I was able to track down a recent podcast episode where he was interviewed. (FF to about 24:30 for the start of his segment.)  Turns out I was pretty darn close with my estimation, that hard Texas drawl would be perfect for all future Don Bluth dog movies.
An autographed card for 99 cents is a great deal, better than you can even do for a TTM request, considering today's postage rates.  This will have a good home in my random auto binder.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #4: Biddus Interruptus

Sometimes, even within the context of what appears to be an automated system, things don't go according to plan.  This is the story of such an event.
Date: June 30, 2021 
Time of Bid: 12:23:31 AM
Cards: 1991 Fleer #29 Michael Jordan, #220 Michael Jordan League Leaders
Price: $3.25 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
I don't know, seemed like a good price for a couple of MJ cards I've never owned.  To get two of them for less than $2.00 apiece, this seemed like a fortunate find.  I made my bid, then went to bed before the auction ended.
I would have been the winner, but when I woke up and checked my email, I found that my winning bid had been canceled.  Bogus.  The reason given was a vague "Out of stock or damaged" excuse.  One more fait accompli in a long line of many.  Shurg. (sic)
To continue the use of Latin phrases, I would have appreciated a mea culpa on the part of seller madhousemerchants, but no such thing happened.  Therefore, I am just left to assume that they are a dirtbag organization run by dunderheads, and they do not deserve your business.
It would have been nice to have those Jordans. 

Caveat emptor.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Insert Madness Group Break

It took several months to fully recover from the last group break we did, but I'm ready to have another go at it.  I wanted to do something that can fit everyone's budget, and I think I've got the perfect lot for this.  Here's the deal:
1. I've recently acquired a lot of over 1,700 insert cards from recent-years products.  The package arrived while I was on vacation, and it weighs in at just under 11 pounds of inserts.  Every card is an insert, none of that "base card junk" (h/t Curtis creator Ray Billingsley).  Every team will be a $15 buy-in, and if you want more than one team, additional teams will be $14 each, shipping included.
2. You can claim your team of choice in the comments.
3. Send PayPal payment to bill13boehm at yahoo dot com with the correct amount for the team(s) you choose.  The price includes the cost of shipping, of course.  Please try to pay within 24 hours of making your claim.
4. Please, please, please include your address as a note with your payment.  It will be infinitely easier to get your cards to you this way.
5. All cards will follow the franchise to the person who claimed it.
6. Cards with players representing multiple teams will be randomed off among all teams with a claim to the card, regardless of the status of the players appearing on it.
7. The opening of the box in which these cards will arrive (as well as any randomizations) will take place streaming live on Twitter (@Thorzul, in case you're not on the platform).  I will give at least 24 hours notice before doing the live stream.
8. Please check the comments before claiming any team.  First come, first serve. 
1. Angels - gcrl PAID
2. Astros -
3. Athletics - Fuji PAID
4. Rangers -
5. Mariners - jackal726 PAID
6. White Sox - jackal726 PAID
7. Indians - Dfwbuck PAID
8. Royals - Waxtopia (Sorensen) PAID
9. Twins -
10. Tigers - the sewingmachineguy PAID
11. Red Sox - Matt PAID
12. Yankees - The Diamond King PAID
13. Blue Jays -
14. Orioles -
15. Rays -
16. Cubs -
17. Cardinals - The Diamond King PAID
18. Brewers - Thorzul
19. Pirates - Billy Suter PAID
20. Reds -
21. Padres - PunkRockPaint PAID
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - night owl PAID
24. Giants - Fuji PAID
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - jackal726 PAID
27. Nationals/Expos - jackal726 PAID
28. Mets - Brett Alan PAID
29. Phillies - Jordan PAID
30. Marlins -

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bidding Under the Incluence* #3

Date: June 5, 2021 
Time of Bid: 11:39:59 PM
Card: 1954 Topps #8 Bobby Young
Price: $1.98 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Did you see the asterisk in the post title?  Well, that's because I was under the influence of nothing but high-quality H2O on that evening.  Since June 2, I've been abstaining from all of my vices (excepting June 11, the last day of school).  I even made myself a little check-off chart to hold myself to the strict regimen.  This program, which ends today, includes an edict to go for a run, do kettlebell exercises in my basement, eat a healthy OMAD meal, and abstain from snacks, alcohol, and soda.  So, when I bought this card, my head was clear, my senses sharp.
The seller listed this card with "POOR" in the title, but to me, this is how cards from the 1950s should look.  Rounded corners indicate love, and if all the paper from the back is intact, that's good enough for me.  A Baltimore man, Young got to play for his hometown Orioles for two seasons, sandwiched between a rookie cuppa with the Cardinals, a few years with the St. Louis Browns,  and then Cleveland.  A negative 2.1 career WAR isn't great, but he made it farther than most ever do.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #2

Date: May 29, 2021
Time of Bid: 2:43:27 AM
Cards: 1988 Topps #6 Jerry Rice RB, #43 Jerry Rice
 Price: $2.25 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Actually made a pretty good choice here.  Most of the Topps football sets post-1986 don't get much fanfare.  The '88 set has a nice clean design, but today's collecting world can't seem to look much farther than the Bo Jackson rookie card.  These are relatively early Rice cards, ones that give you a good look at the man who was just on his way to becoming the greatest receiver of all time.  They're both clean copies, totally worth the couple of bucks paid.  There are far more embarrassing things to spend one's money on as it's creeping up on 3:00 in the morning.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #1

If you've been following me for any appreciable amount of time, you know that I am one to enjoy a beverage now and then.  Hey, I'm from Wisconsin, home of 12 of the top 20 drunkest cities in America.  Over the past five months, however, I've been more-or-less on a program to embody a healthier lifestyle.  I've lost over 25 pounds, in fact.  I was on the same sort of pace last year until the vacation my wife and I had planned was canceled.  Well, it's back on for 2021, scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks, and I would like to hit the beach in prime physical condition.  One of the tenets of my regimen has been limiting alcohol consumption to Friday nights (in general).

In an attempt to limit calories, I've recently taken a shine to Bang energy drinks (#NotSponsored).  They're great as a mixer, they have zero calories, and they have a bunch of fun flavors with words like "Unicorn" in the titles.  The problem, if you want to call it that, is that these drinks tend to keep me up way too late for my own good.  I might start off the night with a Bang cocktail, and then switch to some light beers, and before I know it, it's 2:30 in the morning and the birds are chirping.  And one of the side-effects of staying up so late, and the thrust of this article, is that I have found myself wading into the wee hours of eBay and making impulse purchases.  I have woken up in the morning, checked my email, and found a purchase order for something I only vaguely remember buying.  This series (hopefully a short one) intends to document these instances of Bidding Under the Influence (BUI).

Date: May 22, 2021
Time of Bid: 1:52:12 AM
Card: 2015 Topps Apex MLS #CJR-BF Benny Feilhaber Crest Jumbo Relic
Price: $4.00 (+ free shipping)

What Was I Thinking?:
Thankfully, my altered state of mind during these BUI situations contains a fail-safe that prevents me from spending more than a few dollars.  The price is definitely right for one of these jumbo swatch cards.  Am I a fan of Benny Feilhaber?  Not particularly.  He was a mainstay on the USMNT roster for several years, but there's nothing really drawing me to him.  I am pretty indifferent about Sporting KC, but they do have nice colors.  Powder blue swatches have always been a favorite of mine (see Yount, Robin).  I think I just have a good eye for a deal no mater the time or conditions, sobriety be damned.

*Disclaimer: All of the purchases in this series were made from the safety of my couch.  Don't ever drink (and bid) and drive.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #9: McDonald's NBA Fantasy Packs

These things are friggin' awesome, as you may have seen in a previous post.  I am psyched about my chances to get some big stars in this pack.
LA10 James Worthy
Giving a teammate the Harrison Ford Point after what I presume to be a great assist is a good look on a basketball card.
P3 Kevin McHale
With NBA cards, you get armpit hair.  It's an unavoidable dichotomy.
P2 Reggie Lewis
I still remember being a Sports Illustrated subscriber and getting the Lewis memorial cover issue in the mail.  Sad story, being cut down so young.  He could have been a major star in the league.
Those were some pretty dang good cards.  It's fun how these take you back to one of the best eras of the league.  They bring back memories of 8th grade dances, cool sneakers, and balling on a garage-mounted hoop until you couldn't see the ball anymore. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #8: 1991 Marvel Universe Series II


Lots of comic cards in the pre-opened packs, not really my cup of tea, but we must chug along.

39 Ghost Rider
129 Daredevil’s Billy Club
Probably not the strongest entry in the weapons subset.
24 Union Jack
No interest in this guy.
1990 Marvel #128 Journey Into Mystery #83
This card is from a different set, common this this series of posts.  First appearance of Thor is nice.  The back of the card gives the 1990 Overstreet NM price: $750.  A CGC that earned a mere 3.5 sold for over $11,000 last week.  To have a time machine...
81 Kang
3 Thing

There we go!
99 Captain America vs Baron Zemo
42 Rogue
153 X-Men
78 Nebula

Back of the card says she is the granddaughter of Thanos.  Looking up the character I can see that, yeah, my kids did have a Happy Meal toy of her, looking nothing like this, though.
132 Punisher’s Arsenal
Not enough room on the card means they’re doing it right.
1990 Marvel #155 Spider-man Presents: Punisher
The two sharing a moment of levity on the back of this one.
114 Avengers vs Ultron
147 Rage

That’s 14 cards in a 12-card pack, can’t argue with that.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

A Gift From the SMG

 A few weeks ago I got an unexpected package in the mail from Larry the Sewing Machine Guy.  I was about to ask readers to jog their memories about his blog, but it looks like I might not have to do that, as there is a post from a couple of days ago (along with some from 2020) after a long hiatus that began in 2012.  Good to see him back!

Anyway, Larry heard that I was on the lookout for old top loaders, the grungy, tape-stained, nasty kind that you wouldn't dare display your cards in.  I needed some of these because I have been shipping a lot of cards lately and my stock had begun to run low.  (As an aside, I find it funny that COMC has even begun to post notices that they won't be shipping cards in top loaders unless requested because of a worldwide shortage.  Strange dominoes fall following a global pandemic, I guess.)  I opened the package to find a small assortment of the goods I was looking for.  Along with them was a nice bunch of cards I guy like me would probably enjoy.

1993 Beavis and Butt-head
Probably the star card of this lot, this is printed on clear plastic stock.  I wonder if my kids will ever discover these two.  I think they all have the sense of humor for it.
2021 Topps 1986 Topps 35th Anniversary Keston Hiura Jersey
Brewer bats need to wake up this season if we want to think about the playoffs.  No matter, it's just another fake season.  When you're playing 7-inning games, the credibility of the sport is pretty much gone.
Bunch of 2021 Topps Brewers
My first base cards of the year.  I've pretty much stopped buying packs of baseball cards.  I opened a box of wrestling cards in January and nothing since.  It comes and it goes, I suppose.

2009 Topps Mayo Arron Rodgers Mini
I don't want to talk about it.  I'll put on the record, though, that I value team over player.  Both are being stupid right now, and in the recent past. 

2009 Topps Mayo Donald Driver
I think it would be hard to find a more universally-beloved Packer than Driver.  A superstar without ever acting like a prima donna, he does commercials for the Wisconsin DoT, and I guarantee you that people are like, "Yeah, I should probably wear my seat belt, and yes, if Donald Driver pulled me over in a state trooper's car, I would pay the ticket on the spot and smile while doing it."  The man is a state treasure with biceps made of meat and steel.

Some Mayo Governors
Wavering on whether to build this insert set or not.  I am actively collecting the base set, but those governors, I don't know...
On the one hand, you need a Rick Santorum card to complete the set, so ew.  On the other hand, I already have the Santorum, pack-pulled, so I don't really have to have such a purchase on my conscience.  I suppose I could consult the checklist to see if I'd have to end up buying a card of someone really reprehensible to finish it.  Wisconsin's governor was Jim Doyle (which I already have), so I don't have to worry about a Scott Walker card.  That would be an absolute non-starter.

Thanks, Larry! Every card is appreciated.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Trade Me Anything XIV #7

 We've gotten used to shifting sports schedules over the past year, and Trade Me Anything is not immune from the same fate.  This pleasant surprise arrived in the mail from Zpop earlier this week.  Let's check it out.

#CPC-26 Andrew Benintendi 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary Refractor

2018 Topps Triple Threads #UAJR-TS Travis Shaw AUTO/Jersey (82/99)

Man, that Shaw sure is a nice card.  And this trade showed how quickly things can change.  When TMA XIV kicked off on November 8 of last year, Shaw hadn't yet been welcomed back to Milwaukee.  He was signed to a minor league contract in February, going on to make the team and hit a game-tying 2-run double in the bottom of the ninth on opening day, arguably the play of the game (which was won in the 10th inning by the Brewers over the Twins).
Contrast that with Benentendi, who was traded from the Red Sox to the Royals in February.  Andrew has yet to make much of an impact for Kansas City, currently batting .190 over the first five games.  It's early, though, things can change.

Thanks, Zpop!  I am actually quite pleased that TMA season can last so long.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #7: 1994 SkyBox Master Series DC Comics Edition

We've got Lobo on the front of the pack doing a "neener-neener" face and sticking out his tongue, which has A LOT of drool hanging off of it.  Does this portend interesting contents inside?
87 Black Canary
Fun character, but can't really carry a title on her own.  Great in Birds of Prey and when dishing it out at Oliver Queen.
75 Argus
No idea.  Apparently a villain who terrorizes Keystone City with his power to tune in to the full electromagnetic spectrum.  Lame.
60 Dr. Fate
Hmmmm, when I had the Super Powers Dr. Fate action figure when I was a kid, I don't remember him being quite so... shapely?  The iteration of the character shown here is from the period when Inza Nelson wore the helmet of Nabu the Wise.  This is already one of the top five costumes in DC Comics history without the sexxxay butt and calves.
17 Andromeda
Part of the Legionnaires team, I guess.  Never read an issue.
6 Lex Luthor II 
The explanation on the back of this card is just confusing, something about brain swapping and death faking.  They should have devoted some copy to account for the blatant rip-off of Charles Xavier.  
Bald?  Check.
Futuristic wheelchair?  Check.
Blanket on legs?  Check.
C&D letter on its way.
39 Raven
Another one I never heard of.  You can read the back yourself, it's a convoluted mess.  I can't in good conscience show the front of this card.  Raven's body looks like one of those roasts you might see tied up with string at a butcher shop and her costume is a cross between Cenobite swimwear and the getup Sean Connery wore in Zardoz.  I'll leave it to your imagination.

Got some interesting characters here, most of them unfamiliar to me, but I really like the variety of art styles presented.  I'd be interested in seeing more cards in the set, especially the 1:18 foils and the 1:36 Spectra-etch cards.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #6: 1992-93 Upper Deck Basketball

This pack was freakin’ thick.  The previous owner appears to have snuck a few extra cards.  You might call it tampering, but I’m looking the other way.  Basketball cards are famously ripe for appearances by teammates, or, more likely, opposing players.  I’ll make note of any worthwhile cameos here.
P16 Otis Thorpe McDonald’s
Here’s one of the apparent extras, not that I’m complaining. 
Rick Fox cameo.
184 Thurl Bailey
189 Brian Shaw
Michael Jordan cameo, and what looks to be a Scottie Pippen cameo.  This would be enough to sustain me through the darkest of times if I had a picture of me dunking with Jordan wincing in the lane and Pippen swatting and getting nothing but air.  Just glorious.
175 Marcus Liberty
Cameos by Mark Jackson, Patrick Ewing, and Cadillac Anderson.
167 George McCloud
252 Dee Brown
297 Chris Mullin
266 Harvey Grant
201 Brad Lohaus
26 Charles Barkley
Larry Bird cameo.
78 Eric Murdock
55 Johnny Dawkins 76ers Checklist
AW4 Detlef Schrempf Hologram
20 Todd Day
P8 Mark Price McDonald’s
P25 Alvin Robertson McDonald’s
Cameos by Danny Schayes and Milwaukee legend Fred Roberts.
Okay, so by my count that’s 14 of the 15 cards listed on the pack, plus the contents of one McDonald’s pack.  I’ll allow it.