Friday, January 12, 2024

Trade Me Anything XVII #8

Today we had a snow day here in Milwaukee, the second one this week, so I had a lot of time to get to do a lot of the things that often get set aside due to normal daily obligations.  One of those fun things was to take care of the last TMA trade that I have yet to post.  This one comes from David, a repeat trader who stays true to the spirit of the "Anything" in this longtime trading series.  Let's see what this year holds.
#MLM-FT Fernando Tatis Jr. Major League Material
#T88CU-32 1988 Blake Snell Topps 35th Anniversary Refractor
#US204 Hunter Renfroe, #US199 Matt McLain, #US137 Garrett Stubbs, #US77 Anthony Volpe

Box of 2023 Topps Archives Signature Series containing...
...some cards!
A nice mix of Brewers, soccer, and randomness, plus a Roger Clemens from my 2003 Topps want list.
A pocket knife
I think I'm going to throw this into my camping bin.  I've been caught wanting a knife a few times over the years, but never did anything about it.  Now is the time.
Packet of Golden State Zinnia seeds from the 2022 Orange County Fair.
Am I going to be doing some cultivating this year?  Maybe.
Tin of Altoids
Packet of GE Aerospace sticky notes
Handy at school, for sure.
Out of My League by Dirk Hayhurst
This is probably the item I'm most excited about.  I did some Googling and saw that this was Hayhurst's second book.  As a purist (for entertainment, if not baseball), I would like to start from the beginning, so I put a hold on his first book, The Bullpen Gospels, at my local library.  It came in the other day, so with the day off today I decided to take a five-mile run through several inches of snow and pick up the book before it closed at noon.  The run home was pretty tough, as I was getting pelted with snow carried by an easterly wind off of Lake Michigan, but a simple plastic bag kept the book dry while my clothes gained about five pounds of wetness.  It's been a great day, due in no small part to David's generous trade.
I hope these cards find you well, David, and I'm looking forward to next year's (well, this year's) trade already.