Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2021 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

For FAR TOO LONG this web-log, as well as its PREDECCSSOR, have been controlled by the RADICAL LEFT.  They've BASTARDIZED the holiday to such an extent that the entire REASON FOR THE SEASON has been forgotten.  They've taken Christ out of Christmas and followed it with a WAR ON CARD-VENT.  Why, you can't even say Card-vent in public anymore, unless you want to get CORRECTED by a KaMAla Harris PC do-gooder.  "Happy Collecting" is what they want you to say now.  Happy Collecting!  Sorry if I OFFENDED you.  Don't want to wish someone a Merry Card-vent if they don't celebrate Card-vent, that would be AGAINST THE RULES.  The COASTAL ELITES don't want to OFFEND anybody.  This LIBERAL BULLSHIT stops today.

My name is Pastor Joseph Spieth, and I've taken over this year's Card-vent Calendar.  Merry Card-vent!  No snowflakes allowed.  On this here website, we raise up the Holy Trinity: Bowman Chrome, Guns, and Colorado Rockies' clubhouse-approved music catalog.  The LIBTARDS have been run off the RESERVATION, and I've brought with me a PIPELINE of wholesome card content that God-fearing Americans want and need this December.
December 1, 2021:
2013 Topps Best of WWE #64 John Cena and AJ Lee Kiss
One man and one woman.  The way it was written, and the way it shall be.
The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve, not ADAM AND STEVE.
This wrestling man, this John Cena, this star of movies about firefighters who complete the NUCLEAR FAMILY, embodies the spirit of Card-vent.  He is a dominant man, and his wife HONORS him, and the two of them EXPRESS THEIR LOVE which was forged in the covenant of marriage.  Now, I don't know much about these two fine Christians, but it is apparent that their MATRIMONIAL BLISS shines as an example for us all.

Keep checking this space, sinner, for on it a light will shine where once there was darkness.  Together, we can Make Death Stare Cards Great Again.  Amen, and Merry Card-vent!


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