Saturday, December 11, 2021

2021 Card-vent Calendar: December 10

December 10, 2021:
1993 SkyBox The Nightmare Before Christmas Prototype
I must confess that I'm not in the camp that worships this movie.  I think it has to do with being just a little too old to fully appreciate it at the time of release.  Once you discover Goodfellas on a library VHS, your threshold changes.  I knew as a 15-year-old that I had to see Pulp Fiction in the theater, but The Sandlot would escape me for 25 years.
Do I own the DVD?  Sure.  Do I put it on the to-watch pile each October?  It's usually there.  However, there's this mental block I have where I go back and forth between thinking of TNBC as either a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie.  Basically in whatever season it is,  I tend to view it as part of the other.  If I've got 90 seconds, I'll check out the trailer.  Admittedly the very last shot in that thing gets me every time. 

Good enough.

Though I wouldn't mind tracking down a set of those SkyBox cards, though.

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