Wednesday, December 8, 2021

2021 Card-vent Calendar: December 8

December 8, 2021:
2005 The Wayans Bros. Present: The Dozens #17 Yo Mama's Breath Sticker
Well, that's a first for me.
Now most collectors who consider themselves "in the loop" would have an easy time remembering the 2010 Topps reprint insert series The Cards Your Mom Threw Out, dubbed the "Yo Mama" set.  Believe it or not, those wacky Wayanses beat Topps to the punch by five years with their rib-based CCG The Dozens.  The rules on the back of this card describe a rudimentary deck-building game based around the popular adolescent pastime of cracking on your friends.  There's even mention of an "Oooh" card, the highest trump available in the game.  Personally, shit-talking of this ilk doesn't need a formal structure, since the time-honored tradition of ribbing someone until they cry already has a relatively established unwritten code.

Down to the nitty grit: Did you ever think you'd see the word "rectal" on a trading card?  Even the free-wheeling 1970s Topps sets eschewed such imagery (though I would have to inspect the backs of those '72s one more time just to make sure).  It gets me thinking, what words or phrases would you like to see appear on a wide-issue trading card?  Here are my Top 5:
5. cocksucker
4. fascist scum
3. Goddamned moron
2. douchebag
1. honky

Fanatics, I'm looking in your direction on this one.  Don't let me down.

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  1. I might have misunderstood the post but were you saying you would like to see those things on a Mariano Rivera card?