Friday, December 3, 2021

2021 Card-vent Calendar: December 3

Well, well, well, those comments on yesterday's Card-vent post, hey?  I do this for a larf, people.  I guess Mariano Rivera is more of a sacred cow than I had realized.  If a Mussolini card shows up this year, can I joke about that?  Too soon?  Let's just hope that the content of today's card is uncontentious.

December 3, 2021: 
2019 Flair Marvel #AM-14 Doctor Bong Anti-Matter

I have no clue about this character's place in Marvel lore, but he's clearly underutilized.  The folks there should just create a nemesis for him named Slingshot Johnny who clips him in the head 2-3 times per issue.  It would be worth it for the sound bubbles alone.

There are so many jokes that could be made here, all of them cheap, but I'm just going to let you revel in the grandeur of Doctor Bong.



  1. holy SHIT there's a trading card of Dr. Bong???
    fuck yeah
    need to find one to go with my 70s Howard the Duck sticker

    1. holy CRAP there's a sticker of Howard the Duck???
      hell yeah
      need to find one to go with my 90s Toonces Star Pics card

  2. Yeah, you're not allowed to criticize Saint Mo. Definitely don't mention him in the same sentence as Curt Schilling. Schill didn't choke in '01 or '04. He's a terrible human being though and, as a Red Sox fan, you have my permission to say so :D

  3. As a Yankee fan I was plenty disappointed when Mariano (and Paul O'Neill, and Johnny Damon) campaigned for Trump. But that doesn't mean he deserves to be put in the same company as people like Bauer and Huff. In his public life Rivera has always acted appropriately, and he has stayed out of trouble with the law. Schilling, Dykstra, Keith Hernandez, some of the anti-vaxxers like Arrietta and Rizzo, would be much more appropriate. Seemed like you picked Rivera just because he's a prominent Yankee, and I'm just about the only baseball card blogger who's going to stick up for a Yankee. If you really needed to put a WS-winning Yankees closer who was vocally religious and turned out to be a horrible person, John Wetteland would have been a much better choice. (And Trevor Bauer was kind of an odd pick for that comment too - he's probably one of the least religious current ballplayers, very much a free-thinker in an industry that still can't handle free-thinkers. He's more like an evil Bill Lee or Mark Fidrych.)