Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trade Me Anything XV: #2

I took it easy this Thanksgiving, food-wise.  I only took a second helping of the sausage stuffing, and had one piece of pecan pie later that evening.  For some reason my mother-in-law has been under the delusion that I'm the world's biggest fan of apple pie.  I like it OK, but now I feel bad when I step away from the dessert table without having a slice.  
We're back for a second helping, however, of TMA.  This one comes from Tim, another longtime trader of anything.
#70YT-31 Mark McGwire 70 Years of Topps, #86B-16 Bo Bichette 1986 Topps 35th Anniversary, #US113 Aaron Civale Rainbow Foil
Six-pack of Brewers
I'll always be a sucker for green-bordered cards.  Those two Gypsy Queens look great.

Complete 1992 Fleer League Leaders Subset
That Canseco is a nice one.  This was a set I finished after buying a box on eBay while in college.  I probably didn't eat for a few days so I could buy it. 

Lot of 20 1991 Impel G.I. Joe Cards
These cards are certainly something special.  Last year I bought a sealed box, and now I can't bring myself to open it.  This looks like a set I would like to pick up on the cheap so it can stay unopened.  Here are my five favorite cards from this lot.
#25 Shipwreck
If you're at all interested in video games, you should be listening to the CAGCast.  One of the hosts goes by this handle.
#28 Storm Shadow
A best-of list without this character is not worth reading or writing.
#115 Brawler
This has everything a kid would want from a G.I. Joe vehicle.  I never owned this one, but there were many others like it. 
#70 Air-Tight
We definitely had this guy at my house.  His rubber band snapped and my mom superglued him back together, limiting the mobility in his lower half.  Such is the life of a soldier.
#178 Golobulus
This was the type of figure I'd find in the guy box at a cousin's house, not knowing who the fuck it was supposed to be.  Part serpent with a super-complicated backstory.  He stirs the imagination and gives off an icky vibe.

Thanks for the good stuff, Tim!

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  1. Glad to see the cards arrived and that you enjoyed them. I will be on the lookout for the cards coming my way. Are you interested in other G.I. Joe cards? I am trying to build the set, and I am only a few cards short of the set, and have other duplicates.