Tuesday, December 3, 2019

2019 Card-vent Calendar: December 3

December 3, 2019:
2017 Topps WWE Women's Division #WWE-21 La Luchadora

If there was anyone who absolutely OWNED 2019 who is not named Megan Rapinoe, it would be Becky Lynch.  Let's run down the list.

  • First women's match to headline WrestleMania
  • Victorious in said match
  • "Becky Two Belts"
  • THE MAN T-shirt
  • The new inspired-by-The Bride ring gear
  • Broke everyone's heart by getting engaged
  • Discovered new ice cream flavor
  • Top 5 Formula One points finish
  • Entered Lhasa Apso in Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, earned Best in Show
  • Ran undetected Social Security scam, netting a cool $2.5K
  • Guided party of billionaires down the Zambezi River, returning each one alive
  • Made a really cool Etch-a-Sketch drawing of the Cure's Robert Smith
Yes' it's been a hell of a year.  Kind of makes you forget we're headed for only the third anniversary (12/20/2016) of this absolute trash pile of a gimmick.  Godspeed to you in 2020, Ms. Becky!

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