Friday, December 4, 2020

2020 Card-vent Calendar: December 4

 December 4, 2020:
1969-70 Topps #39 Toby Kimball
Consider this: In the storied history of the National Basketball Association, the player who happens to bear the closest resemblance to The Office's Toby Flenderson also happens to be named Toby.

Toby might be the best character in the entire TV series.  I have read that the actor who portrays Toby, Paul Lieberstein, is relatively uncomfortable in front of the camera, and prefers doing the behind-the-scenes work of producing and writing the show.  The funny thing is that he seems so natural.  His reactions to every slight life deals him, especially those from Michael, is the best acting on the show.


  1. Toby? Toby Kimball? Toby Flenderson? Toby Wong, Toby Chong? Fucking Charlie Chan!

  2. I wish they made The Office trading cards. I always crack up at Toby's reactions to Michael. But my vote for best character is Creed.