Sunday, December 13, 2020

2020 Card-vent Calendar: December 13

 December 13, 2020:
2013 Topps Best of WWE Top Ten Trash Talkers #9 Paul Heyman
A list where Paul Heyman is rated ninth on anything involving speaking is automatically suspect.  I get it, there's a distance between those producing the cards, their subjects, and the collectors, but this is a travesty.
One of the highlights of WWE programming over the past several sparse months has been the assumption of Heyman as the advocate/manager for Roman Reigns during Roman's heel turn.  He certainly doesn't speak as much as when he played the role next to Brock, but he communicates more with a look than most guys in the company can do with five minutes and a microphone.  He looks as if he is studying Roman, equal parts in awe of him, curious as to what he'll do next, and downright afraid of what he might do.  He should be at the top of any list of this sort, hands down.

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