Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trade Me Anything XVII: #5

Things have been extraordinarily busy around here lately, which partially explains why I haven't posted a TMA trade in a while.  This one is from Brendan.  I have to preface this post with a mea culpa.  When Brendan claimed his cards, I mistakenly told him that a Mike Trout card featured in the very first trade was available.  Unfortunately, I had made an earlier mistake with trader Tom, missing that he had claimed this Trout card.  Without going into too much detail, it was basically a clerical error on my part.  Sorry, Brendan, but the Trout card has already been sent to Tom, who actually did claim it first.  I owe you one.

#US244 Corbin Carroll, #T88CU-80 Vladimir Guerrero Jr., #T88CU-89 Justin Verlander, #AS-9 Yordan alvarez Action Stars Black (007/299), #AS-24 Luis Robert Action Stars

Some Brewers
The two Big League cards are new to me.  Loving the Wanted poster for Yelich, and the Braun will go into what has become a dormant Braun Binder.

Some Panini Soccer Inserts
The Pickford card is very nice, as he is the keeper for my Premier League team of choice, Everton.  That 10-point deduction was quite the blow, but it may have turned out to be just what the club needed, as they have played much better since it was levied.

Some Panini Football Cards
There's a card of a guy my team just beat (Mahomes, and don't get me started on the refereeing.  There were about four incorrect calls in the final two minutes, two that benefitted each team.  It even out, and the Pack was the better team on the night.), a card of the guy who played at QB for most of my fantasy football season (sitting in the basement at 3-10 heading into the final week of the regular season.  Feel the excitement!), and a card of a hot Rams fan.

1983 Topps #210 Johnnie Cooks, #135 Butch Woolfolk
These are awesome, and they cut my want list down to four cards to complete the set.

Thanks for a great bunch of cards, Brendan, and another apology for the Trout mix-up.

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