Saturday, December 2, 2023

2023 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

Sorry for the delayed start for this annual rite.  My wife and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this past week, so we treated ourselves to an expensive dinner on Friday night.  I enjoyed a delicious lobster mac and cheese, followed by an amazing filet mignon.  It was a great meal, just a great fuckin' meal.  As a bonus, I didn't even have to tie my coat around my waist as we were leaving.
So, we're getting the start of Card-vent on December 2 this year.  Stuff happens.  It's a really nice calendar this year, and I'm hoping for a bunch of great cards behind these doors.  Let's pop open the first one.

2022 Topps MLS #R-SB Sebastian Blanco Jersey Relic (709/850)

This is a bittersweet card.  Blanco has been a top two favorite Timber of mine (along with Diego Chara) since he arrived after Portland's only MLS Cup of 2015.  He's never been quite the same since an injury a few seasons ago, but was still a formidable scoring threat.  This past week the Timbers released their 2024 team roster, of which Blanco was not a part.  I hope he's able to find success elsewhere at this point in his career.



  1. Happy anniversary. Sounds like a fantastic meal, glad you enjoyed. Nice looking relic. I know nothing about MLS but the Timbers kit is really sharp.

  2. Happy anniversary! That steak and lobster mac and cheese sounds amazing... even at 5:32 in the morning.