Sunday, November 12, 2023

Trade Me Anything XVII: #4

So this next trade comes from a newcomer.  Apparently Daniel heard about this promotion through another hobby outlet and wanted to join in.  He sent a very nice note with his trade, one that ended with the sentiment, "Thanks for keeping cards fun!"  Dude, that's all I aim to do.  Back in the Thorzul Will Rule days, I have to admit that this blog was a lot more fun.  Buying packs of cards from Target is fun.  Ripping boxes is fun.  $5 group breaks were fun.  But I don't really do any of those things anymore.  Times have changed.  Five bucks wouldn't even begin to cover the shipping costs these days.  At least we still have this.  I'm trying.
#88US-46 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary, #US208 Ji-Man Choi, #US326 Dustin May

1997 Collector's Edge #126 Desmond Howard
The amount of joy this man brought me by doing one thing for 12 seconds on a cold January night in 1997 cannot be overstated.

1980 Topps #330 Al Cowens
Slowly but surely making progress on this set.

1985 Donruss #7 Don Mattingly DK
Just a great set design here that I probably didn't knowingly witness in person until I was in my 20s.  1985D is a black expanse of nothingness interrupted only by a synth score of increasingly thick red lines.  If cards made a sound, these would drone.
1991 Fleer Ultra #180 Gary Sheffield
He once committed the crime of hating Milwaukee, and for that, he can never be forgiven.

Thanks for the help in building some sets, Daniel.  Please come back next year!


  1. Yes!! That Desmond Howard KR was sick!

    Didn't Sheff also purposely play like shiit to sabotage the Brewers so they'd get rid of him? I think a lot of people forget that because he later popped PEDs with Barry Bonds and hit/tried to hit at a fan in Boston but yeah... great guy.

  2. Hahaha, I had NO idea about any of that Sheffield backstory with the Brewers! My bad. Hope the other cards were worth the trade! This is the best.

  3. I'm loving the SuperBowl memory, which was an all-time great moment for me, too. As a Packer fan, that's your Howard moment, but for me as a Michigan and Desmond fan, it's this: