Sunday, December 17, 2023

2023 Card-vent Calendar: December 17

December 17, 2023:
2022 Topps #DGDC-37 Robin Yount Diamond Greats Die-Cut
That's a snezzy card.  (Not snazzy, snezzy.  It's a term coined by my group of high school friends.)
My Yount collecting has tapered off in recent years.  I'll pick up a few each year, and someone will invariably send me one or two in a trade, but there's nothing compelling me to chase his cards with any sense of fervor.  This is probably due to the fact that about half of his cards are released without the Brewers name and logo.  Panini cards all look like crap to me, and I refuse to buy them.  If it's the 1980s and I can get a card in a box of cereal or cut it off the back of a pizza box, that's one thing.  Those logo-less cards are that way for a reason, and the slapdash nature of the images adds to the charm.  You're getting them for free, and they look like they're free.

Modern Panini baseball cards are decidedly not free.  And, accordingly, Panini has gotten none of my money since acquiring the MLBPA license.  Other people like and buy these cards, and that's fine.  They're just not for me. 

As for Topps Yount cards, I'll continue to use discretion when buying them.  I like the cards I already have, and I'll likely fill in some of the holes if something really catches my eye, but if my Robin Yount collection stopped growing altogether, it would be something I could live with.

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