Sunday, December 10, 2023

2023 Card-vent Calendar: December 10

December 10, 2023:
1991 Parker Brothers Real People #132 Male
I swear, the weirdest stuff pops up in this calendar, and this year is no different.  Apparently this card is from a board game celled Real People.  The tagline: "Looks can be deceiving... and this game proves it!"
The game comes with a set of 400 cards featuring actual people (all of them unnamed), and the main action of the game asks players to identify which real person is being described given the biographical information from the back of the card.  I'm guessing this was what passed for "woke" in 1991, don't judge a person from the outside or something like that.  Social concept games like this were popular in their era.  I'm picturing the box for A Question of Scruples that my dad had gotten as a gift sitting in my family's games closet.  Sitting there was all it did, as I don't think anyone ever played it.  We were more of a Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur family.

This winner here shared the unusual fact on the back of his card that he never wears underwear, and his personal motto is "Don't get caught."  I don't think this guy and I would get along too well, but I do admire his secret fantasy, "Me, Charo, Paulina (Porizkova, I'm guessing? -Thorzul), and Candice Bergen eating jelly doughnuts in an ice cream parlor."  Yeah, that's 1991 for you.
BTW, I screwed up the order of the calendar countdown picture a few days ago and only noticed today.  Oh well.

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