Friday, December 30, 2022

CC: Please, Sir, I Want Some More

It needs to stop.
2022 Topps Tier One #PPA-CS Prime Performers AUTO (34/99)

It's on-card, it's pretty, and there's absolutely no information on the back.  No stats, no blurb about 2008.  Give me something new if you're going to keep making cards, Topps, or just leave Milwaukee Sabathias out of the whole deal.
I mean, there's got to be a photo of him eating a bratwurst or something, right?  That's a card I'd welcome to the collection.


  1. I needed a Sabathia a while back for my lefty Cy Young Award winners PC and eventually crossed it off my list. I think the only way I'll seek another autograph of his is if he's heating a bratwurst or something.

  2. Topps seems to have a rule that the amount of effort put into the back of a card is inversely proportional to its value. Big League commons have pretty good backs. Autographs and online-only specials usually get the bare minimum.