Thursday, December 1, 2022

2022 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

Tonight for dinner I had turkey pie made from Thanksgiving leftovers, and it was still delicious, so you know what that means: Card-vent is nigh.  After dinner I took the family to pick out this year's Christmas tree, we brought it home in the minivan, and I sawed off the bottom inch of the trunk.  It's with sticky fingers (little full, lot of sap) that I type this first post of the 2022 Card-vent Calendar.

 December 1, 2022
1992-93 Upper Deck #107 Cliff Robinson
My God, it's like catching a glimpse of a gladiator putting on a helmet with the little thingy that covers the nose but makes it look really uncomfortable to wear.  Or better yet, like seeing Tiny Tim tune up his ukulele before hitting the stage, or Bob Barker plugging in that long skinny microphone, or Ron Jeremy lubricating his... well, you know what I'm getting at.  The Thing for Which He Is Known Club bestows membership upon only a select few.  And Mr. Robinson here was known for that glorious headband in an era when pretty much nobody else wore one.  Lebron (and to a lesser extent, Melo) made it cool for the first time since Borg, but for Cliff it was strictly utilitarian.  This man did not have sweat dripping into his eyes, a disadvantage that hampered every other player in the league.  Cliff Robinson was always ready for battle.  Just look at the splotch of blood near his right shoulder.  A soldier at war needs his armor, and Cliff's came in a pack of 3 for $1.99.

Thank you for celebrating this first day of Card-vent with me.  Stick around and I promise you'll see at least one cool thing.

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  1. Turkey pie sounds amazing. You're off to a strong start with this year's Card-vent Calendar. I thought of you and this series earlier in the week. A fellow blogger sent me a homemade card based advent calendar and I was thinking of what I should call it if I end up writing about it on my blog.