Sunday, December 18, 2022

Trade Me Anything XVI: #2

Sorry to those of you who sent me anything.  TMA butted right up against the Card-vent Calendar this year, and things got busy.  Hopefully I can get back to some sort of reasonable schedule soon.
Jon, I know you sent this before the turkey was carved.  Thanks for your patience.

#US156 Tim Locastro Green Foil (298/499), #US298 Nick Lodolo Rainbow Foil

A greeting card with a nice message inside containing more alliteration than any piece of writing ever
Color Me Badd CD
There was a time in middle school when I thought I wanted this CD (tape?) because there were other kids in my class who liked it, but thankfully I spend my money on baseball cards instead.
2018 Topps Gallery Opened Pack
"My God, it's full of Bips." (link)
A bunch of cards from my want list
Always appreciated.
Some cool postcards
This is the kind of thing I would post on the walls of my classroom to see if anyone would notice.  The problem is that I have to take everything down at the start of each summer for the room to get cleaned.
Fleer Helmet Stickers (Chargers, Cardinals)
Lots of these cards were held together by a Connective Tissue of 1991 Fleer Cards, likely for the sake of package stability.
And finally, some DVDs.
First up: The Horse Whisperer 
I've never seen this one.  It will go on the to-watch pile.
The Sting
I have certainly seen this one, but since it's a full-screen copy, I'm putting it in the summer garage sale pile.
Breaking Away
Ooooohhh, already have this one in the collection.  An all-time classic.  No Robert Redford, though.
However, the spine of the insert on my copy is much more faded.  I'm going to do a little swap and put the paper insert into my case.  Perfect.

Thanks for a great package of stuff, Jon!  My assignment for you is to make your own cheap CUTTERS T-shirt and go as one of the gang next Halloween.  It's an easy costume that will earn cred points from those in the know.

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