Friday, December 30, 2022

Trade Me Anything XVI: #3

Now that Christmas (and Card-vent) are over, we can now return to our regular scheduled program.  There is a steadily growing pile of unopened trade packages, the one at the top coming from Kerry.  Let's check it out.
#MLM-PGD Paul Goldschmidt Major League Material, #US311 Bob Gibson SP

2022 Panini Prizm #LI-7 Christian Yelich Lumber Inc.
It's crazy how much this guy has fallen off.  There were time in 2018 and 2019 when I thought to myself, Yelich could be the greatest Brewer of all time.  He's doing things that only Robin Yount did."  Have no fear, Mr. Yount, your status as #1 Brewer is still safe for at least a generation.
2020 Topps #TPM-KH Keston Hiura Commemorative Player Medallion (072/199)
This is the heaviest Brewer card I have ever held.  Imagine all 199 of these stacked together, you could barricade a door with them simply by setting them on the ground.  Thick, dense stuff.

2018 Topps #PWP-ET Eric Thames Players Weekend Logo Patch
I will always remember Thames's time with the Brewers by his 2017 quote.  When asked about the inordinate amount of drug testing he had undergone, he responded in part with, "I have a lot of blood and urine."  Just a bold reaction letting everyone know he wasn't worried because he wasn't on anything.

Some 2020 Topps Brewers Pitchers

Excellent trade as usual, Kerry!  Though it hurts to lose the Gibson, I hope you enjoy your cards.

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  1. Hey, those are slightly smaller than average online exclusive Brewers pitchers!