Monday, December 12, 2022

2022 Card-vent Calendar: December 12

December 12, 2022:
1993 Dynamic The Creators Universe #059 Phaedra
There's not a lot to go on with regard to Phaedra here.  She's a creation of well-known comic artist Walt Simonson, possibly as part of his Star Slammers universe.  She's quintessentially 1990s in ways I don't need to describe.  It's hard to tell by looking, but she's exactly four feet tall ("although exquisitely proportioned," reads the copy).  Yeah, even the comic book trading cards were extra horny back then.

For more (unrelated) Phaedra contect, check out this link to Lee Hazlewood's "Some Velvet Morning."  The song contains several mentions of a mysterious woman of the same name, whose persona in the song is played by Nancy Sinatra.  Just a cool song.


  1. Nice to see the Freaky White Girls tag again.

  2. Walt Simonson drew some terrific Star Wars comics in the early 80's.

  3. Although I wasn't a huge comic book guy... I remember seeing so many trading card sets back in the early 90's dedicated to them. Not familiar with this set though.