Sunday, January 1, 2023

Trade Me Anything XVI: #4

When there's a big envelope full of stuff from San Diego, you better believe that it's a TMA from David.  Dude brings it every year.
#BG-15 Seiya Suzuki BlackGold (Ugh, stupid scanner crop.) 
#GN-73 George Kirby Generation Now
San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Journal
My family has been members of the Milwaukee County Zoo for several years, and they put out a members' magazine as well.  And like Milwaukee, San Diego includes an animal calendar with their year-end issue.  We've always liked going through it each year and seeing who gets to be what animal according to their birth month.  I usually get the least desirable creature.  The boys usually keep the calendar in their room.  Glad to get to keep doing this.

Decoy Box of 2018 Topps High Tek
What's inside?
A bunch of Brewers, of course.
It's a nice mix of old and new stuff.  I think this OD Braun is new to me, so into the Braun Binder it will go.

A Deck of Cards from The Venetian, Las Vegas
This is nice to have.  Most of the decks in our house have 47 or so cards in them after being used by children.

The Summer of Beer and Whiskey
I just realized that I finished a grand total of 8 books over the course of 2022.  Just an awful total.  I'm the type to have several books going at once (currently in the middle of four), so this one will probably be a nice summer read for me.
Tin of Incense
My 7-year-old farts a lot.  He'll get under a blanket with his mom and immediately blast one, even after being told several times not to do this.  These may come in handy.

The New Yorker Magnet
I have some friends from high school whose older brother creates cartoons for the New Yorker, so I do see his stuff on a regular basis on FB.  I have an old warhorse of a steel desk at school, so this is probably getting slapped on there when we return.

National Parks (and other landmarks falling under the umbrella of the National Parks System) Map
On more than one occasion we've gotten skunked on trivia night for not knowing locations of certain National Parks.  In the past few weeks I've made a point to study these, and this map will definitely help.  I'm ready for the inevitable question asking us to identify the southernmost National Park.  (Dry Tortuga, FL.)

The last item in this mammoth trade is really something special.
Let's just call it...
Theatre Through the Mail
David sent a little note about how his town's local theatre company pivoted during COVID by creating a sort of correspondence play.  They sent subscribers a series of letters made to look like, I believe, a romance between a soldier and a woman at home during WWII.  I haven't read any of these yet, but I'm seriously looking forward to this experience.  I'm going to take David's advice and space them out, maybe reading one letter per week.  Such a great idea to keep telling stories when in-person theatre was impermissible!

I'm overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of this trade, David.  You've provided me entertainment that will stretch across an entire year.  Thank you!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed! I have to admit that sometimes I doubt myself when including some of the more eclectic items in these trade packages but I love that you can appreciate, and write quips on, a wide array of things (or at least you always manage to put a positive spin)!

    Here's more information on the correspondence play:

    Usually local theater productions have such a limited geographical reach so it's cool that someone in a different part of the country can share in this one.