Sunday, January 22, 2023

$15 Scumbucket Grab Bag 1.10

1994 Classic Draft Steve Young Rookie Flashback
In honor of the 49ers winning tonight, it's Steve Young.  I have a distinct memory I want to share here.  As a real little kid, I had a small collection of 1986 Topps football cards.  One of them was Young's first Topps card, for the Buccaneers.  I remember going through my cards and my mom must have seen that card and commented, "I feel bad for that guy.  He's a really good quarterback but he's on such a bad team."  She knew, and I've always been impressed by that.
Want this card and everything below for $15?  Stake your claim in the comments.
Mario Lemieux Leaf Hat Trick Artists Insert and Jeremy Roenick Donruss Special Print (#/20,000)
 1994 Score Select Ryan Klesko Rookie Prospect SAMPLE
 1989 Score Deion Sanders
1986 Topps Nolan Ryan
 2016 Topps Bunt #26 Babe Ruth
1989 Topps Robin Ventura
2019 Topps Big League Players' Weekend Nicknames Nomar Mazara "Big Chill"
2001 Pacific Peter Warrick Impact Zone Insert
24 1983 Topps Football Cards
2011 Bowman Chrome Futures Die-Cut Jesus Montero

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