Thursday, August 15, 2019

NSCC Fallout Pt. 9: Dollar Box Vintage

One of my favorite phenomena at the National was the presence of massive troughs of cards set out by some of the dealers. Little rhyme or reason, every card is the same price. And, like hogs to slops, hoo boy, wasn't it a frenzy! The reports from the front could be Blade Runner-esque with little trouble. "I've seen things you non-collectors wouldn't believe..." It was at one of these troughs where I found some '59s I needed, and I decided to round out the purchase with to hit the ten-dollar mark.  

1976-77 Topps Jim Price
BIG. There were a bunch of these floating around this particular trough, so I grabbed the only Buck I could find. My first card from this set.

1954 Topps Vern Stephens
Someone took a few nibbles on this, but that cute Orioles logo is too much to pass up.

 1964 Topps Choo-Choo Coleman
I hope that before Mr. Coleman passed in 2016, someone got the chance to introduce him to Shin-Soo Choo. In person.

1958 Topps Bob Miller
Not sure why I picked this card. Pretty plain.

 1974 Topps Ron Santo
There's a bit of tension on this card. I like it.
1955 Topps Bob Kennedy

1958 Topps St. Louis Cardinals
The team cards are sometimes way overpriced in these '50s sets, so it's good to get one for a dollar.

That's it from the dollar slop bucket. More quarter box madness up ahead.

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