Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Death Stare Cards Vintage Group Break #1

 Here are the details of the very first group break held here at Death Stare Cards.

1. This is a vintage group break.  I have purchased a large wholesale lot of cards that the seller claims contains cards only from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  The seller provided a vague number of cards in the lot, somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000.  These will not just be a bunch of common cards.  There will be stars in this lot, probably nothing mega-high-buck, but legitimate stars.  If we end up on the short end of this range, I will make sure to throw in some cards to help compensate.
2. You can claim your team of choice in the comments.  It looks as if 99% of this lot will be baseball cards, but there may be a few basketball or football cards thrown in.  Please make your choice of MLB team, followed by a pro basketball team and a pro football team.  Heck, claim an NHL team, though I doubt any will pop up.
3. Send PayPal payment to bill13boehm at yahoo dot com with the correct amount for the team(s) you choose.  The price includes the cost of shipping, of course.  Please try to pay within 24 hours of making your claim.
4. Please, please, please include your address as a note with your payment.  It will be infinitely easier to get your cards to you this way.
5. All cards will follow the franchise to the person who claimed it.  Distinction will be made between Senators/Twins and Senators/Rangers, should an early-1960s Washington card emerge.
6. Cards with players representing multiple teams will be randomed off among all teams with a claim to the card, regardless of the status of the players appearing on it.
7. Checklists without any team representation will be randomed off among all teams.
8. If you wish to claim additional teams, please subtract one dollar from your second MLB team claimed, two dollars from your third team, and so on.
9. The opening of the box in which these cards will arrive (as well as any randomizations) will take place streaming live on Periscope.  I will give at least 24 hours notice before doing the live stream.
10. Please check the comments before claiming any team.  First come, first serve.

Braves 40 - jackal726 (Falcons, Hawks) PAID
Cubs 40
Giants 40
Phillies 40 - Jordan (plus Eagles, 76ers) PAID
Pirates 35 - Billy Suter (plus Steelers) PAID
Reds 35
Dodgers 45 - gcrl (plus Lakers, Rams) PAID
Cardinals 45 - madding (Trailblazers, Chargers) PAID
Yankees 50
Red Sox 50
White Sox 40 - JediJeff (plus Bears, Bulls) PAID
Cleveland Professional Baseball Team 35 - dfwbuck (plus Browns, Celtics) PAID
Tigers 30 - the sewingmachineguy (plus Detroit teams) PAID
Orioles/Browns 35
Athletics 30
Twins/Senators 25 - Zpop (plus Bullets, Washington Football Team) PAID
Rangers/Senators 25
Angels 25
Mets 30
Astros/Colt .45s 25
Royals 22
Brewers/Pilots 22
Padres/Mariners (West Coast Neverchamps) 20
Expos/Blue Jays (O Canada!) 20

By the way, for those last two on the list, the claimant gets both franchises.
Looking forward to this.  Good luck to all those who take part!


  1. I'll take the Detroit stuff. Don't laugh.

  2. Cleveland Indians, browns and celtics

  3. why not. dodgers, lakers, and rams.

  4. it's too tempting not to. Phillies, Eagles, 76ers.

  5. I'm in for Braves and anything else ATL

  6. I'll take the Cardinals (+ Trail Blazers and Chargers).

  7. I'm gonna jump on the White Sox. If anything, I should get some upgrades to my team sets.

  8. Oh, uh.... Chicago football and basketball I guess.

  9. I'll take the Twins/Senators and the other DC teams.

  10. Ok. I'll join. Give me Baltimore.

  11. That was a fun break (though your back might argue). I regret not pulling the trigger on the Neverchamps, Padres did well.