Monday, January 11, 2021

Top Pulls of 2020: #1

 Card: 2005 Fleer Showcase #112 Reggie Jackson Autographed Legacy AUTO (14/17)
From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It: It was indeed a Merry Christmas to me.  I had a few Showcase cards in my collection from buying random lots, and it's a design I always liked.  There was a box I had my eye on for a few months, and since I had a few dollars left in the unofficial Christmas budget, I picked one up for myself.  It arrived on the 24th, and I opened it intermittently throughout Christmas Day, sneaking downstairs to bust a few packs here and there in the midst of the chaos of all the new toys and games in the house.
2005 Showcase was a one-guaranteed-auto-per-box product, and my box was bottom-loaded for sure.  I think the three hits came out of the last four packs.  This Reggie card is one of the shortest printed in the Autographed Legacy set.  A bunch of worthless exchange cards are floating around in unopened boxes, too.  It looks like there's a Pujols #/11, Nolan Ryan #/13, Kaline #/7, Berra, #/25, but really no one else super low-numbered and highly coveted.  The signature looks great, and the original card design can be seen on the left side of the card.  Leaving a large field of open space for an autograph is usually a design mistake, but since it's Reggie, I can forgive this one.

Thanks for reading along with me this year, and best of wishes for your card buying in 2021!


  1. He's pictured with the Yankees? Bah humbug. Just kidding... congratulations on the epic pull.

  2. That was my reaction, too. I always think of Reggie as an Oriole.

  3. That's a nice looking reggie. Congrats!