Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #4: 1993 SkyBox Marvel Universe Series IV

 Cards like these have a tendency to just show up.  I can't remember ever buying any packs, but I have a fair amount of comic cards from the '90s floating around the edges of my collection.  Let's see what we have here.

Frame #117 Peter Parker
Okay, right off the bat we have a card that doesn't belong here.  This has a 1994 copyright date and a Cookie Crisp logo on the back, letting us know that this came from a box of cereal.  Kind of automatically makes it the best card in the pack already.

132 Wild Thing
Here's what the proper card looks like in this set.  My Marvel knowledge isn't that great, especially when you get into the mutant stuff and anything that starts with "X."  She appears to never skip leg day.

149 Wolverine vs Sabretooth, 168 Daredevil vs Typhoid Mary
The first card here is great, two heavy hitters going at each other.  The Daredevil card is a significant letdown after that.  Issues where he's up against Typhoid Mary are typically in the quarter bins at any used comic shop.  I love Daredevil, but he has better adversaries.

57 Carnage, 42 Nightcrawler
The whole Spidey/Venom/Carnage thing I never got into.  Still have no idea.  And as for Nightcrawler: BAMF?

43 Havok, Nick Fury Promo Card
Again, if you have X's all over your costume, I ignore you.  Sorry.  
The promo card is advertising the then-forthcoming Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. monthly series that had a run of only four issues.  Whoops!

Frame #224 The Shocker

165 Spider-man vs Juggernaut
This house has gained a few Juggernaut fans over the past couple of weeks.  The boys have been playing a lot of Lego Marvel Superheroes, and Juggernaut became a favorite soon after his character was unlocked.
I'd have to say this is the actual best card in the pack, but opinions may differ.

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  1. That Carnage is cool. Never read any comic books that feature him, but I've always liked the way he looks. Venom too.