Monday, January 4, 2021

Top Pulls of 2020: #3

 Card: 2016 Panini Select #DT-RR Cristiano Ronaldo / James Rodriguez Double-Team Memorabilia Orange Parallel (39/75)
From: Hobby Box
Why I Like It:
Back in late April or early May, I had my eye on some boxes of this stuff.  Remember, this is only a couple of months into lockdown.  I was watching a box on eBay with the hopes of selling some other cards to make enough to get the box for nothing.  Then, practically overnight, the supply dried up.  I was watching the price hover around $100 a box, but all of a sudden, they were gone.  No large online retailer had a box in stock.  A few days later some more popped up, but now asking over $200 for a box.
I did some deep searching and found an obscure store that pretty much only stocked Pokemon card boxes, but they had one last box of Select.  I nabbed it for about $120.

I was a fool to open it.
By the middle of summer, boxes of Select were commanding between $500 and $600 dollars.  Unless you hit a major major card (Pulisic, Messi AUTO, Ronaldo AUTO, or an insanely low-numbered superstar) there's no way to make your money back from that.
That being said, I was relatively happy with my box.  The Ronaldo/Messi argument will rage for decades, but I lean toward the Portuguese striker.  Messi is a better dribbler, but Ronaldo's movement off the ball, paired with an absolutely ruthless killer instinct, makes him special.  And with James joining my beloved Everton this season, it's enough to push this card into the top three.

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  1. $100/box to $500/box within a few months. Who needs to play the stock market when there's soccer cards.