Monday, February 1, 2021

CC and the Silver Bullet Band

 Got my latest Sabathia redemption card in the mail the other day.
2020 Topps Archives AUTO #76TA-CCS Silver Parallel (84/99)
This one completes the trio of autos that I'll be acquiring in this set.  The 1/1 was up a few weeks ago, but the price was too much.  Someone bought it.  If it pops up again, great, but if not, no big deal.  I've got just about everything else but a handful of 1/1's.

Also, I was smart about this whole thing and bought these Archives auto cards before they were redeemed, so I have all of those, too.  They all look pretty nice together.
Baller move.

 As for more CC cards, it's nice to have a break right now.  Three unexpected releases on the 12th(???) anniversary of his legendary run was a bit much.  I will continue to scan the skies.


  1. Ain't player collecting grand? Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in!

  2. So you have redemption cards for three more that you aren't going to exchange? Why?

  3. Saw that CC has a book coming out and thought of you. You can preorder a signed copy on B&N for $28.