Saturday, February 6, 2021

Vintage Group Break Checklist Claim

If you took part in the Vintage Group Break this week, you have a chance to claim another card for your pile.  We got a bunch of checklists, and a few other cards that have no team assignment.  I was just going to distribute them randomly, but thought that perhaps some people might need a particular checklist that they saw.  All of these are totally unmarked, which is great.  If you want to choose one as your own, leave a comment here with your preference.  First come, first serve.  You can also pick the Judge Landis card instead, which is probably more valuable than any of the checklists.  Whatever, someone will get rewarded for reading a post about boring old checklists.

Participants ONLY, please, may choose from:
1974 #1-132 (three available)
1974 #265-396 (three available)
1974 Traded
1975 #133-264
1976 #397-528
1976 Traded (two available)
1977 #1-132
1977 #397-528
You can also claim the strange Wizard card, the Congo card, the Judge, or that weird target thingy, if none of these tickle your pickle.


  1. I’ll take the judge landis card I’m not putting together any sets.

  2. Man, fuck judge Landis.
    I'd like one of each 1974 checklist if I could - they look like definite upgrades for my set.

  3. I'll take the strange wizard. Never have too many of those.

  4. That vintage break was awesome! I would have picked up the Red Sox lot if I'd known about it (I don't do Twitter)