Saturday, March 13, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #5: 1993 Upper Deck McDonald's NBA Fantasy Packs

Can you even imagine the reaction of the nation's men-children if a promotion like this were to take place today?  Special packs of basketball cards available at McDonald's?  There wouldn't be a franchise left standing.  They'd be reduced to rubble under the sweaty weight of thousands of desperate collectors converging en masse to every location.  Packs would be going for $500 a pop on eBay.  It would make last month's Pokemon Happy Meal frenzy look dignified by comparison.

 Three cards per pack, let's see who we get.

LA4 James Edwards
Edwards was great, but looked old his whole career.  On this card he actually is old, nearing forty.

P47 Walt Williams

P48 Todd Day
Half of the Bucks' "Mayday" draft of 1992 that went over like a ton of bricks.  We got Day with the 8th pick, then Lee Mayberry with the 23rd, both from Arkansas.  Probably not a good idea to do that.  To be fair, the dropoff in talent after the top three (Shaq, Zo, Laettner) was pretty steep.

My favorite thing about these cards is the arch-shaped hologram on the backs.  It warms my heart to think that someone put enough effort into this set to include a detail such as this.  I could see myself chasing down a complete set one day.


  1. this set is great and i just picked up the Dominique Wilkins card the other day
    I probably already have it but that just means i need to build the set now

  2. I still love this set. The design was great and the Shaq hype drove this set like crazy when it first came out. I’ve got a bunch of the Boston sets and a couple of the full sets.

  3. I'm familiar with the set, but don't remember getting any packs from MCD back in the day. I might join you in the hunt for a complete set.

  4. Yep, I remember this set. I totally agree with you; the card flippers would be first in the drive through line then drive around and get back in line.

  5. I had a ton of these cards, but never actually bought a pack from McDonalds. Most of mine came from trades with friends, repacks from the Dollar Tree or buying at card shows. Don't sleep on Todd Day! He wasn't a terrible player. Not great either, but not terrible.