Saturday, November 30, 2019

$10 Scumbucket Grab Bag 4.10

1993 Topps Chipper Jones Top Prospects

I noticed I had a little pile of cards just sitting on a shelf, and I soon realized it was the Scumbucket pile.  It had gone dormant back in June, but I'd still like someone to give them a good home for $10.

2005 Prime Patches Jason Jennings Jersey/Glove/Shoe Relic (149/150)

2014 Topps Craig Kimbrel Orange Parallel (186/199)

2014 Topps Trevor Plouffe Pink Parallel (11/50) 

1997 Donruss Chipper Jones Rocket Launchers (0330/5000)

2001 Pacific Peter Warrick Impact Zone 

2015 Topps Update Series Brett Gardner Sabermetric Stats Variation

2002 Fleer Tradition Plays of the Week Magglio Ordonez

1976 Topps Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Blowing Champ

2002 Fleer Tradition Jose Vidro Glossy Parallel (067/200)

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