Thursday, June 24, 2021

Insert Madness Group Break

It took several months to fully recover from the last group break we did, but I'm ready to have another go at it.  I wanted to do something that can fit everyone's budget, and I think I've got the perfect lot for this.  Here's the deal:
1. I've recently acquired a lot of over 1,700 insert cards from recent-years products.  The package arrived while I was on vacation, and it weighs in at just under 11 pounds of inserts.  Every card is an insert, none of that "base card junk" (h/t Curtis creator Ray Billingsley).  Every team will be a $15 buy-in, and if you want more than one team, additional teams will be $14 each, shipping included.
2. You can claim your team of choice in the comments.
3. Send PayPal payment to bill13boehm at yahoo dot com with the correct amount for the team(s) you choose.  The price includes the cost of shipping, of course.  Please try to pay within 24 hours of making your claim.
4. Please, please, please include your address as a note with your payment.  It will be infinitely easier to get your cards to you this way.
5. All cards will follow the franchise to the person who claimed it.
6. Cards with players representing multiple teams will be randomed off among all teams with a claim to the card, regardless of the status of the players appearing on it.
7. The opening of the box in which these cards will arrive (as well as any randomizations) will take place streaming live on Twitter (@Thorzul, in case you're not on the platform).  I will give at least 24 hours notice before doing the live stream.
8. Please check the comments before claiming any team.  First come, first serve. 
1. Angels - gcrl PAID
2. Astros -
3. Athletics - Fuji PAID
4. Rangers -
5. Mariners - jackal726 PAID
6. White Sox - jackal726 PAID
7. Indians - Dfwbuck PAID
8. Royals - Waxtopia (Sorensen) PAID
9. Twins -
10. Tigers - the sewingmachineguy PAID
11. Red Sox - Matt PAID
12. Yankees - The Diamond King PAID
13. Blue Jays -
14. Orioles -
15. Rays -
16. Cubs -
17. Cardinals - The Diamond King PAID
18. Brewers - Thorzul
19. Pirates - Billy Suter PAID
20. Reds -
21. Padres - PunkRockPaint PAID
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - night owl PAID
24. Giants - Fuji PAID
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - jackal726 PAID
27. Nationals/Expos - jackal726 PAID
28. Mets - Brett Alan PAID
29. Phillies - Jordan PAID
30. Marlins -


  1. I will go for the Cardinals and Yankees. Thanks!

  2. I'll take the Phillies if they're still available please!

  3. I'm in for the Dodgers. Email/pay on its way.

  4. I’ll take the Royals please!

  5. I'll claim the Red Sox - thanks!

  6. I'll take the A's and Giants.

    1. Payment sent from my idrinkcoke email address.

  7. Gave it a while for others to join, I'll go ahead and add Mariners and White Sox.

  8. I'll take the Twins and Blue Jays. Thanks!