Thursday, May 6, 2021

A Gift From the SMG

 A few weeks ago I got an unexpected package in the mail from Larry the Sewing Machine Guy.  I was about to ask readers to jog their memories about his blog, but it looks like I might not have to do that, as there is a post from a couple of days ago (along with some from 2020) after a long hiatus that began in 2012.  Good to see him back!

Anyway, Larry heard that I was on the lookout for old top loaders, the grungy, tape-stained, nasty kind that you wouldn't dare display your cards in.  I needed some of these because I have been shipping a lot of cards lately and my stock had begun to run low.  (As an aside, I find it funny that COMC has even begun to post notices that they won't be shipping cards in top loaders unless requested because of a worldwide shortage.  Strange dominoes fall following a global pandemic, I guess.)  I opened the package to find a small assortment of the goods I was looking for.  Along with them was a nice bunch of cards I guy like me would probably enjoy.

1993 Beavis and Butt-head
Probably the star card of this lot, this is printed on clear plastic stock.  I wonder if my kids will ever discover these two.  I think they all have the sense of humor for it.
2021 Topps 1986 Topps 35th Anniversary Keston Hiura Jersey
Brewer bats need to wake up this season if we want to think about the playoffs.  No matter, it's just another fake season.  When you're playing 7-inning games, the credibility of the sport is pretty much gone.
Bunch of 2021 Topps Brewers
My first base cards of the year.  I've pretty much stopped buying packs of baseball cards.  I opened a box of wrestling cards in January and nothing since.  It comes and it goes, I suppose.

2009 Topps Mayo Arron Rodgers Mini
I don't want to talk about it.  I'll put on the record, though, that I value team over player.  Both are being stupid right now, and in the recent past. 

2009 Topps Mayo Donald Driver
I think it would be hard to find a more universally-beloved Packer than Driver.  A superstar without ever acting like a prima donna, he does commercials for the Wisconsin DoT, and I guarantee you that people are like, "Yeah, I should probably wear my seat belt, and yes, if Donald Driver pulled me over in a state trooper's car, I would pay the ticket on the spot and smile while doing it."  The man is a state treasure with biceps made of meat and steel.

Some Mayo Governors
Wavering on whether to build this insert set or not.  I am actively collecting the base set, but those governors, I don't know...
On the one hand, you need a Rick Santorum card to complete the set, so ew.  On the other hand, I already have the Santorum, pack-pulled, so I don't really have to have such a purchase on my conscience.  I suppose I could consult the checklist to see if I'd have to end up buying a card of someone really reprehensible to finish it.  Wisconsin's governor was Jim Doyle (which I already have), so I don't have to worry about a Scott Walker card.  That would be an absolute non-starter.

Thanks, Larry! Every card is appreciated.


  1. The list of governors includes Jan "Papers Please" Brewer, Mark "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" Sanford, Haley "White Citizen's Council" Barbour, and Rick "Sure, I'll be your Energy Secretary, Mr. Trump--what does an Energy Secretary do?" Perry, so, yeah, the santorum was pretty well spread out.

  2. Nice Hiura! Waiting for him to turn things around this season.