Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Pre-Opened Packs #8: 1991 Marvel Universe Series II


Lots of comic cards in the pre-opened packs, not really my cup of tea, but we must chug along.

39 Ghost Rider
129 Daredevil’s Billy Club
Probably not the strongest entry in the weapons subset.
24 Union Jack
No interest in this guy.
1990 Marvel #128 Journey Into Mystery #83
This card is from a different set, common this this series of posts.  First appearance of Thor is nice.  The back of the card gives the 1990 Overstreet NM price: $750.  A CGC that earned a mere 3.5 sold for over $11,000 last week.  To have a time machine...
81 Kang
3 Thing

There we go!
99 Captain America vs Baron Zemo
42 Rogue
153 X-Men
78 Nebula

Back of the card says she is the granddaughter of Thanos.  Looking up the character I can see that, yeah, my kids did have a Happy Meal toy of her, looking nothing like this, though.
132 Punisher’s Arsenal
Not enough room on the card means they’re doing it right.
1990 Marvel #155 Spider-man Presents: Punisher
The two sharing a moment of levity on the back of this one.
114 Avengers vs Ultron
147 Rage

That’s 14 cards in a 12-card pack, can’t argue with that.

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  1. Whoa. Glad to hear that the comic book market is thriving too.