Saturday, October 31, 2020

CC: On-Card

 2020 Topps Archives AUTO #76TA-CCS

Bunch of firsts with this card.  To get my soon-to-be-Snickers-and-candy-corn-stained hands on this card, I had to go through some unfamiliar channels.  Yes, this is a redemption card.  Looking at my account, the last time I redeemed anything from Topps, it was for a set of 2011 USA Baseball refractors.  I have absolutely no recollection of this.  I'd have to look to see if these cards are still in one of my monster boxes, but I'm guessing I sold these?  No idea.  And before that, my last redemption for a 2011 Lineage Buster Posey AUTO.  I sold it for $113.  It was a rare instance of me selling at the apex of a card's value.  All copies currently for sale and recently sold have prices far below that.

This card is also Sabathia's first on-card AUTO as a Milwaukee Brewer.  His only other Brewer autos were stickers on the high-end Sterling product.  The signature on this card looks better in person, and of course without those annoying scanner lines.  I am very happy to have this card, and I was pleased with the turnaround time on the Topps redemption.  So much better to receive in the mail than the stacks of political ads I'm currently getting as a resident of a battleground state.

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  1. Nice. Congratulations on adding this to your collection. And kudos to Topps for sending it to you within are reasonable time period.