Friday, October 9, 2020

CC: Wood, Jerry... Wood

 An embarrassment of riches.  The floodgates have officially been opened after years of dormancy.  
2020 Topps Now Turn Back the Clock #154

When was this card released?  I have no idea.  I'm sure I could look it up somewhere, figure out what I was doing and why I missed it.  No matter.  Topps Now is not aimed at me, so I pay it no mind.  At some point this year, Topps doubled down on the CC recognition, this time to commemorate his near-no-hitter against the Pirates.  At the time I thought it was in bad taste to whine about the missed call that turned an error into a hit.  We were still in the chase for a playoff spot, an ordeal that would last until the final day of the season.  Tempting the baseball gods would not have been wise back then, but in retrospect, I wish he had been credited with the no-hitter.
The Turn Back the Clock design isn't quite the same as the '87 Topps originals, but the important wood grain element is what counts.  The backs of these cards are cool, with a sheer coating that contains a holographic Topps logo.  Good looking card and great addition to the collection.

UPDATE: So I did the research, and I suppose that this card was released on 8/31/20, same date as the event in 2008.  Also, print run of 247, relatively low.


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  1. Two posts in four days? You're on a roll. Keep it up. Every now and then, I'll find a Throwback Thursday design I enjoy, but I haven't actually bought one yet. I have a couple on my watch list though.