Saturday, January 15, 2022

Top Pulls of 2021: #2

 Card: 2020 Topps WWE Chrome #A-SB Shayna Baszler AUTO Green Parallel (56/99)
From: Hobby Box
Why I Like It:
When did I open this?  I think I bought two boxes in late 2020, opened one in December, and the other in the first few days of January.  My very similar Bayley card from last year came from the first box, and this one was from the second.  Twins born on either side of the New Year, you know the deal.
It's a nice on-card signature, and you have to love that she takes the time to draw a spade as a nod to her nickname, the Queen of Spades.  Baszler is an absolute beast who could take anyone on the women's roster in a legitimate fight.  That being said, I have lapsed in my WWE viewing over the past several months.  While COVID has caused many people to lose their senses of taste and smell, WWE has had the creativity sucked out of its organization over the course of the pandemic.  I wish the promotion could do something interesting with Baszler, but I just don't see it happening.


  1. I never got into WWE (WWF?) Anyhow, it's a cool card! Covid still sucks though.

  2. This woman definitely looks like she'd mess some people up.
    The one person I'm interested in the WWE is Asuka... and she hasn't wrestled in a long, long time.