Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Bidding Under the Influence #5

This next BUI actually took place the same night as the Michael Jordan debacle I covered earlier.  Good thing I had a backup card in this instance.
Date: June 30, 2021
Time of Bid: 12:24:30 AM
Card: 1990 Fleer #227 Danny Darwin AUTO
Price: $0.99 (+ free shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Darwin has always been one of those guys who shows up in a pile of Brewers someone sends me, either in a trade or just to get rid of them.  I can't really say I remember his short stint with Milwaukee, being that he was here just before I would have achieved sports consciousness.  A Basset hound of a man, Darwin always looked like he would sound like Trusty from Lady and the Tramp.  It was hard to find anything with Darwin's voice on it, but I was able to track down a recent podcast episode where he was interviewed. (FF to about 24:30 for the start of his segment.)  Turns out I was pretty darn close with my estimation, that hard Texas drawl would be perfect for all future Don Bluth dog movies.
An autographed card for 99 cents is a great deal, better than you can even do for a TTM request, considering today's postage rates.  This will have a good home in my random auto binder.


  1. Darwin, Tom Candiotti and Jim Slaton are the only pitchers to have won 150 games, have a career losing record, and pitched for the Brewers. Something to put on a post-it note for when you are drinking in the future.

  2. He had not one but two pretty cool nicknames: "Doctor Death" and "The Bonham Bullet".