Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Trade Me Anything XVII #9

If there's one thing I can count on with this annual TMA event, it's getting a trade package from Zpop in the springtime.  Hey, we had snow when this year's edition began (well, close to the opening, anyways, thanks to a Halloween snowstorm), and we've had snowfall since Zpop's package arrived, so in my book this all falls within the confines of winter.  The envelope, please.
#US97 Kenta Maeda Gold Foil, #BG-11 Riley Greens ToppsBlackGold, #US145 Jeter Downs, #US257 Leody Taveras

Odd Man Out by Matt McCarthy
I've already read one baseball book this year, I'm in the middle of another one, and there's a third on the to-read pile.  Not complaining, though, I do try to get to everything you guys send me.  I look forward to reading this as I love books about athletes who are also smart.  Allow me to recommend John Urschel's Mind and Matter, it's at the top of this genre.
Package of NL East Stickers ca. 1990
Price tag on the back is from 2018 and displays a retail price of a hefty $0.19.
Pack of 2021 Topps WWE Heritage Cards
I got heavy into a couple of WWE Heritage sets a few years before this one.  It will likely make an appearance on a future post.

Thanks for a nice trade, Zpop, I look forward to reading, opening, and sticking.

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  1. I remember those stickers as a kid and had them all over my card albums!