Monday, October 31, 2022

Trade Me Anything XVI Preamble: The Keepers

This past weekend was an exceedingly busy one.  Bucks game Friday night, followed by the last kid soccer game of the fall, a family Christmas photo session, then the neighborhood trick-or-treat extravaganza known as the Spooktacular on Saturday night.  Between each event, I was able to snake a moment here and there to open some packs of my annual box of Topps Update Series baseball cards.  It was a decent box, and I think that the cards I'm offering up for trade are going to be spread among a greater number of teams than usual.

This year there were three cards I couldn't bear to let go.  All of them are shiny.  Here's a look at what you cannot have.

#US58 Hunter Renfroe Rainbow Foil Parallel
A Hamburger Helper sliding mitten?  That weird batting helmet with the yellow backdrop behind the logo?  Heck yes!  This one looks better, oddly enough, when scanned than in person.  That blue really shines through.
#T87C-24 Ken Griffey, Jr. 1987 Topps Chrome Refractor
Griffey looks to be rounding the bases with his tongue sticking out.  I've never seen this on a card before.  No way I was letting one of you get your grubby little hands on this gem.

#DGDC-62 Eddie Mathews Diamond Greats Die Cut
After Hank Aaron, this is the local baseball player I wish I could have seen play in person.  In case you're wondering, for basketball it's Alcindor, and for the Pack I would love to have seen Ray Nitschke bury people.

Watch this space in the coming days to find out what can be claimed to trade me absolutely anything for.


  1. nice set of keepers. looking forward to trading you anything once again.
    for me, the locals i wish i could have seen in person include sandy koufax, deacon jones, and elgin baylor. i did get to a lakers game at the forum in kareem's final season specifically to see him and it was well worth it.

  2. I guess I should probably get my Trade Me Anything XV package in the mail.