Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bidding Under the Influence #18

Date: August 28, 2022
Time of Bid: 11:32:12 PM
Cards: 1983 Topps #83 Ryne Sandberg
Price: $8.61 (+$1.05 shipping)
What Was I Thinking?:
Man, late August sure is the time of year when I am at my most vulnerable, isn't it?  I'm getting pulled over for BUIs left and right.  Thankfully, Wisconsin's bidding laws are among the most lax in the nation, so all of my privileges are still intact.
Without hyperbole, this is one of the iconic cards of the 1980s.  I am too young to have already been collecting once this set was released, so I've never owned a copy.  In fact, this is the first of the Big Three of '83 Topps to find its way into my collection.  The L/R centering isn't great, but everything else is as clean as a whistle.  Throw a Boggs or Gwynn that looks like this my way, and I'll fold a 10-dollar bill into an airplane and shoot it in your direction any day of the week.  Late-night bidding certainly has its rewards.


  1. I haven't actively looked for a Sandberg rc in a long time, but under $10 seems like a really good deal. Especially for a clean copy like yours.

  2. Any time you can get the rookie card of the Phillies' best manager of 2014 at that price, you have to pull the trigger.