Sunday, July 24, 2022

The $2.99 Box of Panini Mosaic Basketball From Goodwill

 The other day I shared a photo of the (opened) box of basketball cards I found at Goodwill.  Here's a video showing what I found inside.  Enjoy!


  1. In an era where parallels don't do too much for me... I've gotta admit, I actually like Mosaic football and basketball ones. If I ever stumbled across blasters of either, I'd give them a shot. You got a steal finding this $3 box. Way better than one of those $5 Fairfield repacks.

  2. That's definitely an excellent Goodwill find! If you're not attached to the Covington or Derrick Jones Jr. cards, I could definitely scrounge up something interesting to send back your way for them.

  3. Amazing the Goodwill didn't price it higher, I'd buy it at that price all day. Great find!