Monday, April 15, 2019

$10 Scumbucket Grab Bag 4.1

2005 Prime Patches Jason Jennings Jersey/Glove/Shoe Relic (149/150)

As a reward to those switching over to this new blog, I'm starting off with another of these Pull the Trigger-type promos. If you're unfamiliar, what I do here is begin with a sale price, in this case $10. At regular intervals, I add something to the lot. At any time you are welcome to declare your intent to buy the lot by leaving a comment stating this. If you are interested, you can choose of pull the trigger right away, or take a risk and see what else gets added, knowing that someone might snatch it out from under you. This card was a leftover from an old group break where no one claimed the Rockies. They are a team with no fans. Living in a state with such relaxed drug laws, who needs baseball anyway?

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